His & Hers Entertainment

His & Hers Entertainment offers a full music production studio in our Philadelphia location. 

The success story of His and Hers Entertainment.

Our services cover Engineering, Producing, Artist Development, Music Videos, Photography and Promotion.  We specialize in music distribution on multiple digital platforms. Our goal in entertainment is to be a top entertainment agency. 

With Biz Porter we manage Singers and Songwriters globally.  Our goal is to make money with the Artist not take from the Artist.  This is our passion! Sounds of South Street Radio is our online radio platform you can listen live. Concert Production is Sal and Tara’s specialty putting on large concerts both in the United States and Overseas. 

Sal was born Selcuk Kucuk born in a small village  outside  of Eskisehir Turkey called Belpinar.  Sal and his family migrated to the United States early in his life and settled in Patterson, NJ.  Over the Years Sal’s parents moved back to Eskisehir and for years Sal visited often.  Sal loves everything “Turkish” and always dreamed of sharing his music and heritage with the United States.  

He opened his first Turkish Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA.  Sal brought in the Turkish music and Belly Dancers every weekend which was a huge success for him. And then She came back…….Sal and Tara dated in there early 20’s while working at one of his families restaurants.  They dated for almost two years until for whatever reason neither can recall they lost contact.

Almost 20 years later Tara and Sal reconnected via Facebook.  The love and dreams they had as kids remained with them through the years.   Being together created the “dream team”.  Together they set out to create a unique restaurant and bar called ” His & Hers” .  The restaurant and bar has both his and her touches throughout the place and offer Turkish, Italian and American Food and is open in Philadelphia and Florida.

Tara worked for almost 20 years as a Director for a large health care company and brings many years of business expertise to the table, Tara gave up her career in 2016 to join Sal full time to create His & Hers Entertainment.

Then along came Biz Porter, First as our friend.  Biz is that guy that comes into your life and changes it for the better. Sal and Biz started out as friends with no intentions of doing business together, Biz is the type of guy that offers advise for nothing in return.  So as His & Hers studio was being built Biz was a huge supporter guiding us through the process.  

Biz Porter the humble sole that he is has been a leader in the Philadelphia music scene since the early 70’s.  One of the original Plush brothers who introduced hip hop as we know it today.

Biz is in charge of the Studio and all things to do with Artist development and distribution. Today all three of them have traveled to Europe under Sal’s direction and have been working to create an Enterprise that will bring international music to both the United States and worldwide.  Music is our foundation and the key to our success.

His & Hers Entertainment - Sal (Left), Tara (Center) & Biz (Right)